Why are People with high adaptability happier

Adaptability is the way that one responds to new situations and events with ease. The more adaptable that a person is the easier to stay relaxed, to be a team player and to keep a cool head when unexpected things happen.

High adaptability is not about being the strongest, but about being the most flexible.

Someone with high adaptability will have a much higher chance of success in any circumstance whether it’s in the city or the wild. A rigid person, no matter how strong, will have a hell of a time dealing with major unexpected changes.

Think of animals and how it’s the ones that adapt to their environments that can survive the harshest environments on earth (like the desert and the tundra).

The mighty dinosaurs were unable to adapt to the extreme temperature changes that happened during the earth’s many transformations. It was the small guys, the mammals, that took over the planet thanks to their adaptation skills.

A person with high adaptability might not be a great planner because they know that planning can be constricting. To that person, If things change momentum, a plan limits the possibilities of what can be achieved. This is the student that aced the class but was always doing the assignment at the last minute.

Adaptable vs not adaptable

The person who is not very good at adaptability, will plan every single aspect of an outing, but if it rains, one of two things will happen:

  1. They will continue with their plan, no matter how horrible the outing turns out and how uncomfortable everyone is ( the plan is the plan).
  2. They will cancel the outing all together and feel upset about the circumstances.

A person with high adaptability would have a general plan, with a general direction in mind for the outing. Rain or shine, the goal is to make the most out of the day. Is it raining? No problem! Let’s turn on the GPS and see what else there is to do around the area.

So how can one learn to become adaptable?

Living in the present moment.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. -John Lennon" Being aware of the present means being aware of your surroundings and being in tune with them. Notice the smell, the colors, the sounds around you. Notice the little things such as the subtle signs a person is giving or a special moment fleeting in time. It is being aware of someone’s sadness or anger even if they try to hide it. Living in the present also means enjoying every moment of one’s life.

Not always falling into a routine.

Routine can be very good for many reasons but it can also “put the brain to sleep” so to speak. One might love a job in the beginning, but if it’s the same thing every day, after a while, they might not even notice anything anymore. It just becomes work on autopilot. A person with great adaptability will always look for a challenge, something new, something that will bring some life into what they are doing.

Making something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

People with high adaptability are hard-wired to always create what they want or need out of their environment. This makes them highly innovative, as they will use whatever is lacking around them to inspire them. The ability to create new ideas and new projects makes them excellent team or business leaders.

Having self-confidence

It takes a level of self-confidence, and trust in oneself, to know that you can survive, enjoy, create and stay calm, no matter what. A person with high adaptability knows that everything will be OK in the end, even if it might not be. If things don’t turn out, we will just adapt to the next circumstances.

All that is needed is a bit of flexibility.

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