When love is in the air: Check out these animals that mate with one partner for their entire life

Love is in the air and not just for humans. There are those in the animal kingdom who mate with one partner for life. They don’t cheat, they share tasks, they wait for each other’s return…Sounds better than some relationships we have all been in doesn’t it?. Animals prove time and time again that they are intelligent and that they can feel deeply. Some have also even been known to show depression when experiencing the loss of a mate. This says a lot about their intelligence and some humans should probably take notes… They could learn a thing or two.


While humans take each other out on dates and give each other gifts such as flowers or jewelry, penguins have their own special methods for attracting the ladies.

It is through the most perfect and smooth rocks that they can find. A male penguin will present the lady with the rock, and if she accepts, she puts it in her nest. This behavior represents her approval, and the two love birds can now become a daddy and mommy. How sweet!

Great horned owl

Owls are solitary creatures by nature but when it comes to mating, the great horned owl will mate with the same partner every year. They will recognize each other’s call during the mating season and will find each other again. This is one instance where a long term relationship actually works out!

Bald eagle

The bald eagle pair will work together to construct their nest. The result is one of the biggest nests in the bird kingdom. A lovely mansion for the love birds. The pair will raise the kids together.


These big rodents are peaceful, hard-working, and family-oriented. Not only are these guys amazing at construction and creating ponds, but they also mate with one partner for life.


These canines are known for their loyalty to their partners. While many other canines can be monogamous, they still have a tendency to stray from time to time. Coyotes never cheat and hook up with one partner for life.


Unlike most fish, the seahorse is a monogamous little guy. The males will carry the eggs and protect them until they are born.


Crows are very family-oriented. Not only do they mate for life, but they also stick close to the place where they were born and help defend the young of their tribe.





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