Weird, disturbing and completely unethical kids shows that were popular back in the day

Back in the day, Saturday morning was always the best day of the week. That’s because it was cartoon time. Before Netflix and Youtube, kids had to wait all week before seeing their favorite cartoons. It was fun, and obviously no one ever questioned the content and stories. It’s just cartoons! How harmful could they be?

Going back in time now and and seeing the stuff makes me wonder, what the hell were people thinking? Let’s recap.

Mazinger Z’s Aphrodite, the girl robot who shot with her boobs

Mazinger Z was a Japanese Robot Manga series. Aphrodite was a robot whose weapons were the missiles that shot out of her boobs. So classy.

The Smurfs (and the evil Smurfette?)

The smurfs have been around forever and many remakes have been done since the original series came out. The smurfs first came out in comic book form by the author Peyo, and then as children’s TV show. At the time, it seemed like nobody questioned that there was a group of little blue men living together in mushroom houses, all lead by their grandpa Smurf. There were no girl smurfs in the “peaceful” village…Until that episode where the evil sorcerer Gargamel made one, to destroy the smurfs….Inner hatred towards woman much?

The road runner Show

This show actually reminds me of Tarentino’s kill bill, and the crazy 88. Tarantino, the filmmaker, wanted to make sure that each of the guys that died had a unique death. The road runner is not so far off except that it was one guy who has dozens of unique and creative deaths per episode. How many different ways can the wild coyote die in one show? TNT explosives, traps, rocks, trains, boulders, ravines, hammers and anvils? Who the hell dies by anvil….? And then people dare say that today’s video games are bad for kids….go figure.


A really fun kids show with castles, swords and magic. Who could ever forget the iconic scene in which prince Adam raises his sword and shouts: By the power of Grayskull, turning into a a fearless warrior. But does anyone else notice that they are all walking around in their underwear? Is this normal?

Bugs Bunny

Many of us who grew up with bugs bunny, never really questioned how violent this cartoon really was. As a child, I never realized how often they pulled out guns for almost every episode. The show is actually quite violent and yet, everyone thought that it was very normal. Happy Saturday morning kids:) Fill your heads with the good stuff!

Batman and Robin

I wonder what is it about the 70’s that have the superheroes walking around in their underwear and tights. Some of the villains were also quite weird such as the egghead, or the penguin? Takes quite a bit of imagination, I guess….

Tom and Jerry

A lovely children’s show in which the two friends (the cat and mouse) are also rivals. It has everything a child could possibly enjoy, such as hammers, guns, poison, decapitation, kicking, electrocution and so much more.

Hey kids, how a about a nice cigar to go with that Saturday morning cartoon?

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