Unblock your chakra energy flow with these Yoga meditation postions for inner spiritual, mental and physical balance

Many of the oldest spiritual practices in the world, such as Chinese medicine, Hinduism, and Buddhism, believe in the natural and spiritual energy flow of the body. If this flow becomes blocked in any given area, then we experience illnesses physically and mentally.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism share the common spiritual belief that we have energy pools called Chakras. Chakras are said to be energy points, positioned on specific areas of our bodies. Each energy point represents a certain aspect of our spiritual and physical existence. When we feel that we are not grounded, often angry, too shy, or too rigid, meditating on a specific point may help to unblock the energy flow in our bodies. There are major and minor Chakra energy points. Here are the seven major Chakra energy points as well as their meanings and meditation positions.

Muladhara- The base root

“I exist”

This Chakra is related to security and survival. When you feel the need to ground yourself and bring your head back down from the clouds, this is the chakra that you should meditate on.


Forward Bends

Head to knee pose

Reaching Bound Angle pose

Svadhistana-Sacral Chakra

“I desire”

This Chakra is related to your desires. Sensually, pleasure and passion energy flow through this point. Meditate on this energy point if you feel like you are too stiff and if you feel the need to be free within yourself.

Bound and Open Angle

Pigeon Pose

Cow Face Pose

Manipura, Navel Chakra

“I control”

This Chakra is related to inner confidence. If you feel like you are always losing control, or that you are too controlling, this chakra is out of balance. Your dignity falls into this energy field.

Mountain Pose

Boat Pose

Anahata-Heart Chakra

“I love”

This is the chakra of love. Compassion and friendliness fall on this energy field. If you wish to improve your relationships then you must meditate on the heart chakra.

Eagle Pose



Vishuda-Throat chakra

“I express”

This is the chakra of communication. If you are having difficulties with self-expression then this chakra’s flow could be blocked. If you are a bad listener, this chakra could be overreactive.


Plow Pose

Camel Pose

Ajna- third eye chakra

“I witness”

This is the chakra of insight and clairvoyance. If you have a tendency of always falling for beliefs or conspiracy theories, this chakra could be out of balance. This is also the chakra of dreams and imagination.

Child’s pose


Sahasrara-crown chakra

“I am”

Half Lotus Pose


This is the Chakra of wisdom. When it is in balance, you feel as one with the universe. If this chakra is unbalanced, your thoughts may be too rigid, and you may also intellectualize things all the time, without leaving room for spirituality and feelings.

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