Top Businesses that will either live or die during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID pandemic has forced many changes around the world and businesses are now facing two extreme directions. They either thrive or face the inevitable closure. Either way, things are shifting.

While Gyms, amusement centers, hairdressers, spas are closing their doors one after the other, many other businesses are thriving.

The main difference being in two important points:

This is something that science fiction has taught us from its very beginning. Technology is the future. The internet, virtual meetings, and online communication is now becoming an essential commodity to our way of life.

While some restaurants closed their doors, those who have a good delivery system and menus in place online, are thriving. While gyms are closing, online work out classes are spiking. Not everyone is closing their doors.

Which businesses are thriving the most right now?

Web developer

Probably the busiest people at the moment are the people that work in the business of creating an online presence for other people. Not only are they well equipped to work from home, but the work hours are also pilling up as restaurants, clothing stores, real estate agencies and many other online platforms are in demand to keep businesses going.

Online security

Coronavirus scams are on the rise. Many government agencies such as the federal Trade Commission and the IRS are warning the public to be careful. While people’s online presence is increasing, so are hackers and scammers’ activities. The sad reality is that many will try to take advantage of the situation that the less fortunate are in. This being said, online security, the good hackers, are overloaded with work.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores and workers are essential to survival. Unless you own a farm, chances are that you rely on the groceries to get your food needs. Many of the workers have increased their working hours as well as getting raises. Grocery stores are also quick to establish an online system so that people can order their items and come pick them up, ready to go.


Alcohol sales have spiked up as people are home all day and therefore will enjoy a drink earlier during the day. SAQ has even implemented a delivery service for our alcohol drinking needs.


Many restaurants that already had a good online menu are doing well. Furthermore, many restaurants are now catching up with the trends and are hiring web developers to perfect their ordering systems online.

Construction stores

Since people are home, they have more time to take care of their homes and so construction stores sales are spiking up. People are buying paint, tools, and construction material to revamp their homes as well as to work on new projects to pass the time.

Pharmaceuticals and health care

As people no longer have access to spas, massages, and hairdressers, they rely on the products that are sold in pharmaceutical stores such a Jean-Coutu and Pharmaprix. Sales have been spiking up as people line up to take care of their physical health.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms are probably the biggest winners right now. With people staying home, they try out different virtual platforms to communicate with their friends and family. Group chats, virtual classes, online homeschooling are all in use right now.

Online video games

Many kids don’t have access to playgrounds right now, and so they go on the virtual playgrounds to stay mentally stimulated and to see their friends. This certainly provides relief for the children that feel upset about not being able to see their friends anymore. Video game makers have been overwhelmed with very crowded game platforms and have been enjoying high amounts of game purchases.



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