Top 5 Signs of a loving and happy relationship that will last forever

Relationships can be complicated. Many factors can make or break it. We often look for common goals, compatibility and similar hobbies. There are also outside factors like friends, money, family and career choices that can either interfere with, or strengthen the bond. But how do we know that we are in a good relationship? Even though Sometimes things aren’t perfect. several key points are essential to a good healthy relationship.


Good communication is essential to a good relationship. Active listening without judgment, self-expression, talking about each others needs and listening to each others needs is an indicator that the relationship is on the right track,


Respect is important when out in public and at home. When no one is watching and you are alone, is your partner still courteous? Does he or she treat you as an equal? Does he or she treat you the same way (or better) than how they treat other people in their life? A partner should always show respect to his significant other, especially when there are outside factors such as family and friends in the picture.

Be yourself

When two people get together, they will naturally look for common ground and similar interests. This does not mean that you have to give up all the other things that you enjoy (but that your partner has no interest in). In a healthy relationship you will be free to be yourself fully, and continue doing the things that you love. A good partner will not tell you how to dress or how to brush your hair. Off course they can have an opinion, but they should never make you feel bad.

Honesty and trust

Honesty and trust go hand in hand. If you know that your partner is honest, there is trust. Trust is the foundation. You know you got each other’s back and this is essential to create a strong family and grow old together. Trust also means that you two people will honestly communicate the mistakes they have made and work together to make their love stronger.


Laughing together is important because it creates a bond, a complicity between two people. A couple that knows how to gently tease each other, how to make each other smile, how to cheer up the other person when they are sad, how to laugh together when having dinner will have a wonderful relationship for years to come.

Good relationships take work. Good communication skills can take years to develop, but as long as both people are willing to put in the work, love will thrive.

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