Things you can do today to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit

Turn on your news feed, and chances are, you will be bombarded with news about COVID-19. From the amounts of deaths, to arrests, to people sneezing on each other on purpose and politicians debating the next move. All this negativity will have an effect on your mental health and cause anxiety, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Staying home all day could mean that you will focus on the wrong things. Too much TV, too much bad news. Don’t get me wrong, Binge-watching shows is fun, and listening to the news is important, but if you do not have a balance in your life, you will soon go down a dark rabbit hole of unhealthy behaviors for your body and mind. The trick is to maintain your body, your mind, and your spirit healthy.

Exercise & diet

Exercise is one of the primary recommendations of doctors who treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Activating your body also activates your brain. It keeps the stress away and is overall healthy for your body, mind, and soul. You can follow virtual classes, you can follow workouts from Youtube for free, you can jump on that treadmill blasting some music if you have one, or run up and down the stairs in your house 50 times. Just set yourself up and get that heart pumping. Establish exercise time as a daily routine for yourself and you will notice the difference in your well-being.

Limit your time spent listening to the news

Watching the news constantly will actually have no beneficial effect on you. It will end up making you feel completely powerless. Every time your mind hears or reads negative thoughts, it has a negative effect on your mental health. Tune in, once a day to find out what is going on, and check out. Listen to some podcasts, comedy, music, take care of yourself, and spread good vibes towards the people around you. This will create a positive domino effect on you and your surroundings. Schedule the news once a day, for a limited period of time, and spend your attention on other things.

Take on a new project or Hobby

Hobbies have several beneficial effects on the mind. They help pass the time, teach you new things, and keep stressful thoughts away. Some hobbies are known for their therapeutic power such as gardening, dancing, and writing. This is a really good time to pick up a new hobby if you don’t have one yet. Was there something that you always wanted to try to learn but never got around to do it? Painting? Building your own furniture? Cutting hair? Everything is possible.

Talk about your feelings, work on your relationships

You might be having a hard time staying home because of a bad relationship with your spouse or significant other. This is actually a really good time to finally have those important chats. Working on your relationship is important and some people might have a tendency to run away from their problems instead of facing them. You can learn more about the negative relationship dynamics here. Use this time to tackle the things that are troubling you. Talk about your feelings, open up, and express yourself. Your feelings matter and you have the right to be heard.

Spend some time in the sun

Make sure to spend some time outside on sunny days. The sunshine is a natural anti-depressant and may improve heart health, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improve sleep. Soak up that sunshine vitamin D. If it’s hot, sit on the balcony, by an open window, or in your backyard and enjoy the warmth. You can get a little tan while you are at it.

Self-Educate yourself (and your kids)

Stimulate your mind by reading books, watching podcasts, and taking virtual classes. There are so many free online courses available that you could truly learn an entirely new field. Learning keeps your mind occupied and stimulated. It is also a very healthy and natural way to prevent brain degenerative diseases.

Remember that your body is your temple. Take care of yourself

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn

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