The world did not really pause because of the coronavirus. It paused for another reason.

While many people who are well off, are staying home, complaining about being so bored, hoarding toilet paper and watching a lot of Netflix, tragedies unrelated to the coronavirus continue to occur around the world as they always have been, in absolute obscurity, and no one cares.

By now, it seems like everyone is desensitized to the things going on around the world. While In countries like Zimbabwe, Central African Republic and the Congo, millions of children die of poverty, and millions of people die of hunger…let that sink in:

Death by hunger for millions of people. No one is stopping the world for them.

Is it because they are so far away? Is it because it has nothing to do with us? Is it because someone dying of hunger, won’t kill me as the coronavirus could?

What other tiring old news (that doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect the wealthy) are we so used to hearing about?

Diseases like HIV/AIDS are leaving kids orphaned and in charge of their households at very young ages in Countries like Botswana, and Swaziland. Who will stop the world for them?

Can’t wait for everything to go back to normal, they say.

In Madagascar, 90 % of the total population has $2 per day. Will anyone care?

589 million sub-Saharan Africans live without electricity and cook by burning whatever they can find. Will anyone stop what they are doing for them?

Can’t wait for everything to go back to normal they say.

And what about poverty right here? In first world countries? That’s old news too, isn’t it?

While money collectors, those who are well off, are suddenly desperately complaining about how quarantine is affecting them mentally, how bored they are, how bored their children are, everyone else is watching the greed unfold.

Welcome to how the poor have been living life. Can’t take it?

This has been life and yet, every time the poor screamed for help because a tragedy happened in their households the world never paused. Anyone could lose everything in an instant. Anyone. And no one cares.

Someone got laid off through no fault of their own, someone went through a divorce and is now stuck feeding three kids with one salary, someone has mental health issues because of abuse and has difficulties working, someone lost everything because of a personal tragedy,

Yet the money collectors continue to collect and collect and collect.

So why did the world really pause right now?

It is only for one reason. It is because the wealthy are at risk, those who are well off are at risk. We are seeing people in power catching the virus.

The coronavirus won’t discern between the rich and the poor. It will just affect everyone equally.

The world is temporarily pausing, money collections are pausing, markets are pausing….

What about before the coronavirus?

What about the single mom with three jobs who needs to feed the kids? What about the immigrant whose University diploma doesn’t matter and has to live in poverty running a 7 eleven and being abused every day by some spoiled brats? What about the hard-working couple that holds a job without benefits and can’t go to the dentist? What about the factory workers who come home every night with broken backs. What about those kids working sweatshops run by the fashion industries? Why did the world never stop for them? Businesses never paused for them.

It’s not personal, it’s just business.

All these situations, did not affect the rich. In fact, anything that isn’t convenient, is not going to affect the rich. The exploitation and divide between the poor and the rich is now very clear.

And while the world has been paused because of a pandemic that has potential to kill anyone without discrimination, the pollution has gone down. The planet is taking a deep breath of fresh air.

The mass exploitation of the planet earth has paused, the animals are emerging, almost in a utopic sense…. And the rich are just waiting, in their dens, for the spas to reopen, for their precious children’s activities to resume, to jump on the first plane, and go to Disney World, or on cruises to the Bahamas.

I can’t wait to go back to normal they say. I can’t take it, they say.

Wishing to go back to normal the way it was before, Where the inequality between the poor and the rich is rampant, and where the money collectors don’t give a shit if you are dying, or single and divorced with three children, or if you will not have enough to eat, where the exploitation of workers continues every day, and where the rest of the world is going through death and decay.

Let’s just go back to the way it was. I can’t wait for this virus to be finished, they say from their caves as they binge-watch movies and go on their treadmills. Just waiting to emerge just as they did before.

Meanwhile, the poor are working in the grocery stores, exposing themselves, dying because of this virus. And The rich complain of boredom.

Meanwhile, the kids that never got any extracurricular activities in the first place, continue to appreciate the smallest things in life, such as a rainy day, or a box to turn into a fort as they always did… Not much changed for them. The rich are bored.

Meanwhile, nurses are in the front line, risking their lives. The rich are bored.

Comparing being stuck in their mansions to being in a prison, never raising their delicate fingers to help. Or perhaps helping form a safe distance, in their bunkers, by donating small percentages of the huge amounts of money they have, to keep a good name for themselves.

And the world will go back to the way it was.

The airplanes will soon run again with pollution levels going back to choking levels, probably more than ever before. After all, being stuck at home for so long, with no activities is very very difficult isn’t it?. We will definitely need to take care of our mental health after this! Won’t we?

The activities will start again, throwing a blanket of distraction over the eyes of those who are well off. The clothing stores and factories will reopen, where workers will continue to be exploited to sow them lovely designer clothes. I can’t wait for everything to go back to normal.

Meanwhile, those of us who know what it is to be poor, secretly wish for things to remain the same. Not for the coronavirus to hurt anyone, by any means, but for the exploiters to stay home so that the poor don’t have to return to the sweatshops that make your cell phones that you renew every year to get the latest model. For the greedy money collectors to stay home, so that the single mothers can take a breath from the phonecalls that rob her of the small budget she has saved for food for her kids. Never, ever taking a “mental break”. For the main polluters to stay home so that the skies stay blue, and so that the animals can reclaim a small piece of their land that we refuse to share.

The world is showing courtesy to each other only because the wealthy are affected.

If this was happening only in Africa, or in the middle east, NOBODY would care. Nobody would stop. And this is the tragedy of our world today. Its old news. I can’t wait for everything to go back to normal. I just can’t wait…they say.


The powerful lady-pharaoh that ruled over ancient Egypt.

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