The wonderful benefits of spirituality in your life

There is a universal search for connection, belonging and empathy. More and more people are bringing spirituality into their lives and for good reasons. It feels good and brings us closer to attaining wellness and peace. Studies prove that there are mental health benefits associated with the daily practice and belief in the spiritual.

But what does it mean to be spiritual?

According to Religion, Spirituality, and Health: The Research and Clinical Implications by Harold G. Koenig

“Spirituality is distinguished from all other things—humanism, values, morals, and mental health—by its connection to that which is sacred, the transcendent. The transcendent is that which is outside of the self, and yet also within the self—

In our modern times, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrist are starting to see a correlation between spirituality and wellness.

The benefits of living a spiritually rich life are obvious to those who practice, on a mental and physical level.

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There are various ways that a person can get closer to their spirituality such as:

I’ts important to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Leading a spiritual life can help us do just that. Connect with your inner spirit and with the energy around you. You will soon discover that you are not alone in your struggles. we are all connected.

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