The secret powers of cats

They are quirky and occasionally rude, loving yet independent. These guys can be adorable yet fierce and have been living by our side for many thousands of years. They partnered up with us to hunt mice and slowly made their way into our hearts. We might think that we know everything about them, but there is more to cats than meets the eye.

Some very special senses

 To be a cat is to live in a world of heightened senses, Sometimes we might even wonder if they are aware of the supernatural as we might catch them staring at something that we cannot see. While there is much that we don’t know and that remains shrouded in mystery, here are a few things that we do know. 

visual senses

Cats see six times better in the dark than people do. That is due to the high volume of rod cells inside their eyes. Rod cells are responsible for light sensitivity.  They also have an extra layer on the eye called the tapetum lucidum, which acts as a mirror for light. You might notice this layer at night when you drive your car and come across an animal walking towards you. Notice a reflection, almost like a mirror glowing back at you in their eyes. That is the tapetum lucidum. Humans do not have this layer. 

auditory senses

A cat can hear lower and higher frequencies than humans can. They can detect a broad range of frequencies that range from 500 to 32000Hz. A human’s ear frequency is between 2000 and 5000Hz. Our feline friends make formidable hunters thanks to this skill. 

The only exception is that white cats are sometimes born deaf. They can still lead a good life as they have other senses that can make up for a life without hearing. 

The whiskers

Cats’ whiskers provide an extra sense for navigation in the dark. Those whiskers allow them to sense the width of gaps and also the location of obstacles they might not have detected in total darkness. The whiskers are so sensitive that they can feel a change in air currents. Cat’s don’t only have whiskers at the side of their face. They have them throughout their body and even above their eyes. 

The circus performers

Have you ever walked into the kitchen to suddenly find your cat perched on the highest shelf, looking down at you like everything is normal? Cats are super jumpers. The longer their hind paws, the higher they can jump. The average cat may jump over two meters. Some cats have even shown the ability to jump across a length of 2.76 meters. While the myth of cats always landing on their feet doesn’t always ring true, cats remain impressive leapers, seemingly rarely afraid of heights. 

The hunters

Cats are one of the few animals that like to play with their prey for fun, without the need to eat it afterward. Many of us have seen a cat dipping his paw into a fish tank to try and catch an unlucky swimmer to play with it. Most animals in the wild always hunt with a purpose, which is to eat. But our feline friends have other intentions in mind. Playtime is essential to a cat. Playtime starts early on, as they begin practicing those skills as kittens.  

They also understand the concept of present giving. A cat who goes outside will often bring back a bird or mouse that has been hunted down. Imagine the surprise of a human who will sometimes find a dead present right in front of their doorstep. Is it thank you? Or perhaps the cat is making a food contribution o his clan? Is it a show of appreciation and love? Whatever the reason, it is a gift.

The brilliant attention grabbers

As you are sitting by the computer, writing something vital, perhaps an important essay, or work assignment, What does our favorite feline do? Jump on the table and lie on the keyboard. It’s almost as if they understand that to get our attention, they must completely be in our face, and line of vision. Perhaps their keen observation senses tell them that the keyboard and screen are our main focus at that moment, and so they know exactly where to go. 

Same as when we are playing a board game, doodling in a journal, reading the newspaper, or drawing. Immediately, our feline friends will make themselves right at home right on top of our game or drawing pad. These hilarious critters know just how to get our attention. A sure sign of intelligence and a clear showing of how the human race has invited them into our homes. 

The healers

While it is common knowledge that cats purr when they are happy, there is also some possibility that a cat’s purring has healing effects, not only for themselves but for people who hold them while they purr. The reason for this is because of the vibrations that they create while purring. The study of the healing powers of vibrations has been an object of research by scientists for years. When cats purr, the vibrations that they create have a soothing and healing effect. So the next time you are relaxing with your cat, and your spouse tells you to run an errand, tell them that you are busy getting a dose of healthy therapy. You won’t be lying. 

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