The most badass dogs fit for the most dangerous jobs

Norwegian Ridgeback

The lion tracker

Athletic, imposing, this dog is a formidable sight to behold. He is not for the inexperienced dog owner as a badly or not socialized Ridgeback can result in serious injury to another human being. The breed is famously known for its lion tracking and baying abilities in its native Africa. This is a dog who doesn’t respond well to rough treatment and needs to be raised with positive reinforcement and affection. They have a very strong prey drive, and the owners need to be prepared to deal with it.  

Doberman Pinscher

The law enforcer

This dog was originally developed as a guard dog and is extremely loyal, intelligent, and alert. This is why they are often used in the police and military force. A Doberman will fiercely protect his human and has been specifically bred to have certain characteristics such as fearlessness, obedience, and willingness to fight on command.

Nowadays, breeders have toned down their aggressive characteristics and these dogs are generally obedient and loyal. Having said that, they are extremely hyper when young and super intelligent. This makes them prone to completely destroying their human’s house especially if their r mental energy isn’t focused on something constructive on a daily basis. The smarter the dog, the more destructive they will become out of boredom. 

African Boerboel 

The lion hunter

A dog Native to South Africa, distinguished by his strong muscular body and a strong bone structure.  A baboon, leopard, and lion hunter, the Boerboel does not always win the fight, but will not back down when threatened. This dog was also used as a guard dog in more remote areas where people would have a need to protect their families and properties. This is a dog that requires daily mental and physical exercise or else he can become bored, destructive, and aggressive. The owner needs to be respectful of the dog’s size and strength, but not fear it. 

Norwegian Elkhound

Viking dog and Moose Hunter

Do not be fooled by this pup’s medium size, as he is known to help hunters find big game such as moose on the harshest rocky terrain. This dog has been doing this job for thousands of years and was originally the Viking companion. The Norwegian elkhound is part wolf and is the national dog of Norway. He is considered a great guard dog, a hunter, and a herder. He can hunt wolf, bear, and moose and has the ability to track and hold the animals at bay until the hunter arrives. This dog is generally loyal to his human and will act as a good watchdog to protect his home.  

The Karelian Bear Dog 

The bear and boar hunter

The Karelian originates in Finland and is a national treasure. Just like the Norwegian Elkhound, he is an able wolf bear and moose hunter. 

Karelian Bear Dogs have been used for bear control in many areas such as the Yosemite and Glacier national parks. This is a naturally aggressive dog towards animals and needs to be handled with care. He is not for a first-time dog owner and needs an experienced hand. This is also not a dog that can be left alone 9 to 5 as they are known to have separation anxiety and need constant social interaction with their families. 

The Bloodhound

The tracker/hunter

The bloodhound is known for his formidable tracking abilities and was originally bred to track and hunt down deer and boar since medieval times. 

This dog is commonly used by police and law enforcement to track criminals and escaped prisoners. They are also commonly used in search and rescue situations. 

Bloodhounds actually make great family pets due to their even temper and gentle nature. 

Caucasian Mountain dog 

This dog bears its roots in Russia and is known to defend sheep against wolves bears and jackals. In modern times they work with law enforcement and prison guards in Russia. This is a dog with a bold, fierce, and fearless personality. Despite the fact that it can be a good family dog, he still needs an experienced dog handler to prevent any unwanted aggressive behaviors. 

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