The creepiest Haunted Objects in the world

Well, that research was definitely creepy! 

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, these hunted objects are definitely scary.  I would not recommend anyone to collect any of them in all honesty.

Might it be possible for a spirit, or some sort of residual energy from a previously living person to latch itself onto an object?

Many cultures and religions believe so.  Shamanism, Buddhism, Shinto are all examples of animistic religions. Christianity frequently combines animistic belief as well, such as with holy water which is said by the Catholics to repel evil spirits. Voodoo dolls are used to help people heal as well as communicate with the dead and masks can be possessed by spirits in many indigenous cultures.  Having said that, people around the world have experienced strange phenomena with simple objects such as dolls or mirrors and have been creeped out strongly enough to get rid of those particular objects, or never touch or look at them again. 

Anabelle the doll

This doll is said to move by itself. People have claimed that it would often be found in a different room than where it was originally positioned. Apparently, its owners once found it standing upright on its legs witch are rag doll legs. That sounds pretty creepy.  The doll was acquired in 1970 by a woman who bought it from a thrift store for her daughter, who lived in an apartment with a roommate. After all the paranormal activity that surrounded the doll, the girls consulted a medium who told them that this doll was inhabited by the spirit of a little girl. The girls decided to keep the doll, but soon after the paranormal activity increased by a lot. They said that the spirit of the doll even injured a guest that came over to their house. After these events, the girls contacted a psychic investigator who told them that the spirit in the doll is not that of a little girl but of an evil spirit who lied to the original medium they consulted. 

The girls decided to give the doll away and it has been encased in a display cabinet within an occult museum in Connecticut since. The sign on the glass says: Warning, positively do not open. 

The Haunted Wedding Dress

This wedding dress, which is encased in a glass case, is said to move from side to side on its own. Investigators are said to have looked for drafts or other possible explanations, but nothing was found. The dress is said to sway especially on full moons. It belonged to a girl called Anna Baker in 1849. She came from a rich family but wanted to marry a poor ironworker. Her family forbade it and so she remained angry and bitter for the rest of her life. This was the dress that she was meant to wear on her wedding day. It is believed that the swaying is her ghost, admiring herself in the mirror, imagining herself marrying the man she fell in love with.  

Goddess of death

This is a statue that dates back to 3500BC and is carved of pure limestone. It is said to represent a Goddess and is really quite similar to fertility goddess statues that were carved during that time.  It is said that anyone who touches the statue, dies along with all their family members. The first owner was named Lord Elphont. He and all seven family members died of mysterious causes within 6 years of acquiring the statue. The second owner Ivor Manucci also died along with his entire family. Next, the same fate happened to the next owner Lord Thompson. The next owner, Sir Alan Biverbrook was the last owner who died along with his wife and two daughters. The remaining two sons got very scared and gave the statue to the Scottish Museum in Edinburgh where it still remains safely behind glass. A museum worker died after handling it, and no one has touched it since. 

The Anguished man

This was a painting created by an artist who was deeply disturbed. He mixed blood with the oil paint to create the piece and then committed suicide. It is said that dark figures can be seen around it, wherever it is hanged. People also reported hearing scratching noises and crying sounds. 

The Devils tree 

The devil’s tree is an oak tree that stands alone in a field in New Jersey. People believe that it is cursed as it will bring about bad luck to anyone who disrespects it, People have experienced car accidents and major breakdowns as they left the sight.  There are stories that a farmer who killed his entire family hanged himself. Other stories of many Afro-Americans dying by the hands of the kkk on that tree. The tree Is this tree truly Evil? Or is it the result of the terrible things that human beings have done around it? 

The mirror of the Myrtles plantation. 

This mirror was owned by Sara Woodruff who was murdered with her two daughters by a slave named Chloe in the 1800s. Legends tell of her anger as she was forced to become a mistress of the husband Clark Woodruff.  She poisoned a cake and those who ate it died.  It is said that the three murdered spirits latched on the mirror and still inhabit it. People have reported seeing the three figures themselves as well as shadows, faces, and hand marks.


The powerful lady-pharaoh that ruled over ancient Egypt.

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