Take charge of your feelings by creating a positive attitude in your life

Have you ever caught yourself being mean to yourself?

I’m talking about those little fleeting everyday moments when you inadvertently call yourself stupid or tell yourself that you don’t deserve something good anyway because you are not good enough.

You get a glimpse in the mirror and think: I need to be skinnier, prettier, I look awful in this shirt.

You think that maybe your boss hates you, your coworkers are talking behind your back, or that your performance isn’t good enough.

You are constantly creating negative thoughts for yourself and don’t even realize it.

I don’t think that I need to tell you that you are going to need to let those thoughts go. Release them. Cut the ropes and drop these negative thoughts into the abyss.

Why? Because your thoughts will inadvertently manifest through your body language, your demeanor, your words. The attitude towards yourself, towards your home, towards your husband or wife, will reflect off you and affect everything around you.

But how to keep a positive attitude when those thoughts creep in?

Embrace failure.

Failure is what makes humans great. It’s what creates stepping stones, it’s the inspiration behind the best love songs and most memorable movies. Failure is a teacher. Transform failure into happy thoughts.

When you are faced with the inevitable event of failure, your attitude towards it will make you or break you through life. Your attitude is a choice. You can choose to use this opportunity to learn, again and again, and again and again, even if it takes a million tries. Or you could roll over and close your eyes.

It is normal to feel upset, depressed, scared when faced with failure, believe me, it really is. But take the time to recover, get up and do it again. keep happy thoughts. Your life is worth fighting for until you take your very last breath. Never give in and always learn.

Learn to accept rejection

Embracing failure means you got to get good at being rejected. The most famous actors have to go through a thousand rejections before they hit a good project. What if they have given up? Nothing happens through doing nothing. Everything happens when you do something, keep going. There is no point in listening to any negative signals your brain sends you. Put those thoughts aside. Only happy thoughts matter. Every single human on earth gets rejected for something. That will not define them as a person. It’s simply a matter of point of view. Remember it’s only a point of view and it doesn’t have to be yours.

Practice using positive words

First, become mindful of every negative word that pops into your head. “I’m the worse mother, I’m the weakest, I’m the stupidest”. You need to catch yourself in the act of doing it. Catch those thoughts, pay attention to them and when they happen then you must speak five positive sentences per each negative one.

Maybe “I’m fat” could become: I am beautiful, I am brave, I am sensitive, I am an amazing friend, I am the best lover". Keep using this technique and your attitude will show through your behavior. Transform your life with the power of happy thoughts.

Take care of yourself

In order to have a good attitude about life, you must feel good about how you take care of your body. Your body is your temple. You are human and humans are not robots, we all have flaws. Do not expect perfection. Do not expect anything. Simply take care of yourself, dress nice, give yourself a proper haircut, take a shower, smell good, go to the doctor to check your health and try to be healthy.

Be the bright light in other peoples life

There are enough trolls out there already. The world needs more positive people. If you have a positive attitude towards yourself and towards other people, the world will notice. It feels good to be good and other people will appreciate having you around that much more.

Don’t be that person that complains about everything. Adjust your attitude and you will see that things will begin to improve. Other people will be grateful to hear your happy thoughts.

Remember that everything is a point of view

I can’t stress enough how important this point is because oftentimes, our negative attitude is created by other people. You might catch yourself comparing your life to that of your friends on social media. You might cry because a girl or boy rejected you. You might be feeling devastated because a job interview didn’t go well. But remember that essentially those are all someone’s decision. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the world will see it this way. And even if ten people think that you are a failure, or you don’t get the job you wanted, or the school you wanted to be accepted in rejected you, all this means is that there is a better more fitting opportunity for you elsewhere. It’s all about attitude. Don’t give up!

Stay positive.

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