People with the most bizarre Guinness world records achieved in 2020

On the 18th of November 2020, a yearly celebration took place hosted by nonother than the Guinness world records.

People from all over the world gather to perform amazing stunts, to show off their skills, and to showcase their strength. Amazing physical feats are performed such as the most juggling catches while on a unicycle, most spins on roller skates, most rotations on hula hoops, most wakeboard rail airs, fastest rope climb…The list goes on and on and the achievements are simply amazing.

With the Guinness world records 2020, the list of amazing skills does not simply stop with skilled athletes. The rabbit hole goes much deeper. While diving into this sea of human achievements, we discover the strangest feats that humans can accomplish. You never know what to expect and what ideas people will come up with next in order to gain worldwide recognition.

Here are the strangest records achieved in the Guinness world record 2020.

Joel Strasser, The beard king

Joel Strasser broke the record of most clothes pegs on his beard. According to the Guinness world record 2020, he broke the record with 359 pegs. 

Martin Rees, the Magician

Martin Rees broke the Guinness world record of performing the most magic tricks under the water. He performed 20 magic tricks in three minutes. 

Mr. Cherry

Mr. Cherry broke several records. Here is the list of his achievements according to the Guinness world record 2020. 

Also worth mentioning was the world record he achieved in a team that was most marshmallows caught with chopsticks in one minute. He achieved this with his partner Hideaki Kanehara and the amount caught was 90. Well done Mr. Cherry!

Jay Rawlings

Jay Rawlings also has several Guinness world record wins under his belt in the year 2020. 

According to Guinness world records 2020r

-The most toilet paper rolls balanced on his head which amounted to 56. 

-The most tea bags thrown into mugs in 30 seconds, which resulted in 9

-And drumroll, the most fidget spinners spun simultaneously by an individual, which was 18. 

Deena Shipwright

An interesting achievement. 

He was awarded the world record of the most penalties taken in a soccer game. The total was 7876. Must be annoying to play a game against this guy!

Silvia Sabba

More toilet paper roll achievements? And some lightbulbs too? This guy thought of it and set the record.

Leah Shutkever

The Guinness world record award for most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes She ate a total of 775.1 grams

She also won for the fastest time eating 15 Ferrero rocher, 2 minutes 1.7 seconds

That sounds like the most delicious achievement. 

Previous weirdest records

Lucky Diamond Rich

Achieved the Guinness world record in 2006 for the most tattooed individual. 

James Hobson

Was given the world record for first real retractable lightsaber

All the information has been gathered from the Guinness world records 2020.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

The world’s shortest man ever

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