Is a soulmate always a lover? Not necessarily.

When you think of a soulmate, what usually comes to mind? A lover? The one you are meant to be with? The person you will marry and even possibly have children with? A person that you just can’t imagine living without in this present moment?  Well, it ain’t necessarily so. A soul mate can be that best friend who has been around for years, it could be a brother or sister, it could be about anyone that you have a life long powerful connection with. 

Life is all about those ups and downs. It’s about passion, love, evolution, and change. You will not be the same person at 40 years old as you were when you were 20 and neither will anyone that you know. In many cases, your first lover is often not the one that you end up deciding to spend the rest of your life with.

If you have a soulmate, the connection will still be just as strong no matter how many years pass. You might go through many lovers in your life and during those encounters, the passion might feel like you could die for them. Yet over time, the flame sometimes fades and life goes on. Another lover enters into your life.

With a soulmate it’s different. It’s stable, aligned, and always a constant presence no matter what crazy thing you are doing. While yes, a soulmate could possibly be a lover, the case isn’t always so.

How to recognize a soulmate? 

Generally, with a soulmate, there will be a secret understanding from the get-go, A soulmate doesn’t need you to tell them anything, they will just know what’s up, just by looking at you. They can pick up your energy and make sense out of it intuitively. 

You may only give them a quick stare, a single word, or a body language cue if you are in trouble, and they will immediately know how to interpret it.  A soulmate knows exactly what you are going through and knows what to do or say. 

For many people, even their significant others, lovers, partners could never fulfill this role. A soulmate could be that sister, that twin, that brother, that best friend. Soulmates are said to be part of the same soul. You will meet many people in your life that you will love but not all of them will be soulmates.

Soulmates can always trust each other no matter what

Friendships come and go, lovers come and go, but a soulmate will stick around for life. You will go through ups and downs, you might get into a disagreement here and there, but essentially, the bond is stronger than anything that you could come across within the human realm. A soulmate is that person that you will always be able to trust a million percent, to always be there, no matter what happens. A soulmate is that person that saw you in your absolutely worse and most disgusting state and they will never tell a soul about it. You know that you can trust this person with your soul. And yes, strong bonds such as this exist and are very powerful when they form. Usually lasting a lifetime. 

A soulmate’s role may change. 

Maybe it began as a friend for many years, and eventually, after such a long time, the friendship became more intimate and more passionate. When a soulmate becomes a lover, it is so precious.

The reverse can also be said about a soulmate. Once lovers who survived a breakup but remain a family. Despite any obstacle that they might have experienced, a soulmate will still remain by your side, as the most trusted ally.

A soulmate will be comfortable with the most silent, ugliest, scariest moments of your life. 

This is because a soulmate doesn’t feel the need to fill a void with empty conversations. Your connection is full and both of you know that sometimes words don’t need to be spoken. You know that you will always be able to bounce off of each other’s energy. Comfortable silence is always a great indication that you are with someone that you don’t need to be fake with. If you have this level of comfort with a lover, it is definitely a good sign.

Soulmates are often in sync with each other. 

Often times soulmates will have parallel lives so to speak. Similar events will happen to both around the same time and so it will deepen the unspoken understanding that they have for each other. It’s like the scenario of the two girlfriends or sisters who broke up with their significant others at the same time. Maybe two friends will go through a deep life-changing event simultaneously and will be there to support each other through it. It can be as simple as having the same mindset all throughout their lifetime. Mindsets change as we grow. To maintain a friend through it all is special and precious. Sometimes even more precious than a lover who may come and go.

Do soulmates always have to have sex?

There is more than one way to show and feel love. Sex is definitely one of them but is not the only way. Sometimes soulmates are not meant to be lovers or to have sex. Sometimes soulmates are meant to be best friends, family, even an animal could be a soulmate for some. A strong bond and connection can be expressed in many different ways. Lovers are for sex, soulmates, not always. Soulmates and lovers are not the same.

Can a soulmate be an animal?

Most definitely.

A soulmate is not defined by its human form. It can be an animal who saved your life, whose life you saved, and who has an inseparable bond with you. This animal may have certain instincts about your state of mind and how to make you feel better. He or she may know when you are sad and give you comfort. Animals don’t speak our language and yet some of them just seem to be able to understand us on a level that no one on the outside could understand.

A soulmate is a fragmented piece of soul.

A fragment that broke off long ago. A fragment that always seeks to reunite with you. Who knows what form they might decide to take on in this lifetime. Who knows how many pieces are scattered in the universe. A soulmate is a lifelong spiritual ally and you know that you will see each other again even when you have to part physically for a long period of time. 

Even when separated by death, you will meet again.

That is the power of a soulmate.

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