How do we experience the sixth sense

Are you aware of your sixth sense?

Smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing are the senses that let us know what is physically going on around us, what world we live in, who we are talking to. 

There is however another sense. One that isn’t often talked about or given the same kind of attention that the original five senses have.

The sixth sense

A finely attuned sense that can perceive non-physical sensations. The sixth sense is our intuition, that gut feeling.
The sixth sense is that movement that we saw from the corner of our eye, but once we turned to look nothing was there. Nobody can explain where the sixth sense comes from, and yet spiritually, it is something that we all have.

How do we know when our sixth sense is activated? 

Deja vu

Have you ever experienced a feeling like you’ve been through this moment before? This is what a deja vu is. The French phrase literally translates to “already seen”. There are various scientific explanations to this, such as it being a medical disorder like schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder and epilepsy. However, deja vu is experienced by a lot of people, almost everyone has had a deja vu experience at least once in their life. Is everybody suffering from a disorder? I think not. When experiencing a deja vu, you are tapping into your sixth sense.

Seeing as spiritual experiences have yet to be studied by science, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that a deja vu is indeed a spiritual experience, a sixth sense tapping into something that we do not yet understand.  


Here, we are talking about that gut feeling.  It tells you what might happen in the future, and does come to pass. It is not so rare to find people who are in tune with their intuition. These are people who are aware of their sixth sense. Mothers, for example, will often have a feeling that something is wrong with their child, even though the child is far away. Mothers often develop a sixth sense. There are countless examples of human beings who have had a bad feeling about a person or a place, and getting the heck out of there, only to find out later on, that their gut feeling was correct and that they just evaded a dangerous situation. Intuition can also guide people to have a positive experience. “I have a good feeling about this!” Following your intuition is a way of tapping into the sixth sense.

 Intuition can be developed through meditation and mindfulness. When meditating, instead of going inwards, go outwards and reach out with your senses what is going out around you. 

The mind over body connection. 

A person’s mood, feelings, attitude, and thoughts can have a direct effect on their health and body. The effects can be positive or negative depending on the attitudes and outlook on life. If you are often experiencing stress and anxiety, your blood pressure can shoot up, you may develop a  stomach ulcer, and feel very tired all the time. When we practice mindfulness, we become aware of the thoughts that pass us by, and we may learn to control them better which in turn will affect our body in a positive way. We may get sick less often, have more energy, and lead a healthier life. It is interesting to note that the body and mind can have a certain disconnect. We are not always aware of what is going on within us, we might not even be aware that we have anxiety. Working on developing our mindfulness, will help develop a body’s ability to sense itself. When a person has a strong body and mind connection, it is being in tune with the sixth sense.

Near-death/ out of body experiences

Near-death and out of body experiences teach us that there is consciousness outside of the brain. There is debate among scientists as to whether the mind and the brain are identical or separate entities within our bodies. People that experienced the out-of-body phenomenon described themselves as leaving their body and being able to see the room form a different angle. Again, this is a subject that is still in need of many studies and there are many debates on the subject. For those who meditate, practice mindfulness, lead-rich spiritual lives, there is a general awareness of the mind-body and spirit connection without a doubt.

Thankfully, we don’t have to have near-death experiences to get in touch with our sixth sense.

We may develop an awareness of our sixth sense by opening our minds to daily spiritual practices.

Meditation is a no-brainer of course

There are plenty of books and tutorials out there that will help you get started. Being aware of the sixth sense might not happen overnight, but if you continue to meditate and work on your own spiritual awareness, you will start to feel it more and more each day.

Sound vibrations

There are certain instruments that generate sound vibrations that are said to awaken the mind-body and spirit connection and therefore bringing you closer to feeling your sixth sense. Meditating along vibrational sounds are also said to have healing effects upon the body. Either way, you will benefit a great deal by combining meditation with sound vibrations.

Chrystals and minerals

Natural Chrystals and minerals are also great meditation aids. They are used in many cultures and spiritual practices. Each stone vibrates within a different energy field hence choosing the right one for you and using it in your meditation practices may also help in your inner spiritual awakening. It takes practice to get into that deep state of spiritual connection with the energy that surrounds us. If you keep practicing, you may begin to feel it, and you will develop an awareness of your sixth sense.

Practice self-awareness with your other senses as well

Such as the sense of smell for example. is a known relaxation method that is widely used by professionals today. The scents emanated from certain herbs and flowers can have a spiritual powerful effect, especially when used in combination with meditation techniques. Aromatherapy can help soothe you and bring you to a state where you are more receptive to listen to your sixth sense.

Practice mindfulness wth the people around you

Group mediation creates powerful spiritual bonds between people. It may be done with family, friends, and even new relationships. Group meditation strengthens the bonds between people and may help bring awareness to everybody else’s vibrational energy. Being in touch with your sixth sense, means being in touch with all the different energies that surround you. Invite a family member or lover to meditate with you, and practice reaching out to them spiritually. Visualize your energy field touching their soul.

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