Homemade canned food for dogs with diarrhea and for fussy eaters

This recipe is tried and tested by my own pack of dogs. They absolutely love it! I only feed it to them when they are sick, however.

The ingredients are soft on the stomach and palatable enough for any human to enjoy. Feel free to try it after the beef or whatever meat you choose to use has been thoroughly cooked.

This recipe is great for dogs with diarrhea. Small amounts can be fed several times throughout the day until the stools are firmer. Gradually add their regular food to the mixture until they are back on their regular diet.

Always see your veterinarian if problems persist beyond 3 days or more and weakness, dehydration or weight loss symptoms are apparent.

In the case of dogs that are fussy eaters, feed a little bit at a time to use more as a flavor enhancer, but be sure to mix it with your dog’s regular food.

If your dog refuses to eat for 2 days, bring it to a veterinarian. There could be something quite serious going on.

Here is the recipe:

-I large package of minced beef (turkey or chicken are also good substitutes), shredded

-2 cups of rice (should make around 4 cups of rice once cooked)

-½ can of 100% pumpkin with no additives, or 2 cups of freshly prepared pumpkin

-Meat flavor stock cube (beef broth cube or any other meat flavor is fine)

-Salt, to taste

1). Boil the rice in 8-10 cups of water until sticky soft. The rice should be a little more sticky than sushi rice, and should be malleable in consistence. Once prepared, drain and save the excess water to add to the dog’s water bowl if it has diarrhea or an upset stomach.

2). Dissolve the cube of meat flavor stock in about 1.5 cups of water in a large stock soup pan. When completely dissolved, add the shredded minced beef.

3). Cook the beef in on medium heat, covered. Cook until all the blood is boiled out and it is all brown.

4). Add the boiled rice, ½ cup at a time. Only add around 2 cups of the rice. Save the rest for the next time you make this recipe, or use it to make something special for yourself.

5). Add the pumpkin. Mix well.

6). Add salt to taste.

7). Lower the heat to a simmer and allow the rice and the pumpkin to soak up the beef as much as possible. Cover and leave for 30-40 minutes.

8). Shut off the stove, and place the pot on a cool part of it. Let it cool, then divide the preparation into containers to freeze or refrigerate.

Note: this is not a cure for diarrhea, it may only help to ease the symptoms while waiting to see a veterinarian. Not recommended for use beyond 3-4 days unless the dog is a fussy eater and refuses to eat anything else. If this is the case, speak to your veterinarian about adding greens and vitamins to the food.

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