Got the holiday blues?

The Holidays are around the corner. Everywhere you look, there seem to be happy families celebrating together. Social media posts become centered around the holiday spirit, the decorations, the baking, family and close friends. Everyone is posting sugar cookie recipes and Christmas tree pictures.

But what if you have suffered a loss? What if you feel socially isolated? What if you are poor? Every single Christmas bell sound becomes a trigger. Every single Christmas commercial and advertisement reminds you of the pressure to give your children that magical morning they deserve. Every Christmas song on the radio reminds you of how lonely you might be feeling.

There are ways to cope.

You don’t need to celebrate Christmas the same way everyone else “seems” to be doing it.

Every family has its own ups and downs, their own traditions and their own flow. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate. Sure, people love getting presents and eating food. But this is actually not the main purpose of Christmas. It’s not about who gets the bigger present, or who roasts the biggest turkey. It’s about being extra kind to those who are less fortunate. It’s about doing something that feels good. It’s about appreciating the people that are actually present in your life. If you are feeling lonely, then use that feeling to do something good. There are kids who don’t get to go home for the holidays as they are in orphanages and youth centers. There are animals that will sleep in a cold shelter cage, and that might never experience having a loving family. There are elderly people who will not have any visitors. There are really so many sad people out there, that you could very easily bring a smile to their face by doing a good deed. This will feel so much warmer in the belly, than looking at presents.

Don’t Believe commercials and social media.

The world revolves around the economy. It’s all about money. Big businesses know this, and so they will use the power of the holidays to advertise their products. You will be flooded with adds about giving “the best present to your loved one this year” if you buy this or that product. This is not a true holiday spirit. It might actually feel a little empty inside if you ask me. It is just a money-making scheme and nothing more. Big businesses make lots of money, and you don’t have to fall for it. If you are short on money, making DIY presents can really be a lot of fun and has so much more meaning than a store-bought present.

Major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern

This is a type of recurrent depression that is caused by the seasons changing. Many people experience this, and some might not even realize that they have it. If this is something that you are experiencing, it is important to get treatment with a doctor. There are treatments available for this disorder. You don’t have to suffer.

Take care of yourself

The most important advice that I will always give you, is taking care of yourself. No matter what the season, occasion, or time of the year. Take care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. Your body is your castle. You are alive and able to experience the good and the bad of life. Every moment is a gift. There will be ups and downs just like ocean waves that come and go. When times get bad, the sunshine is always on the horizon. And when the sunshine is shining on you, the darkness is never far as well. This is the yin and yang of life. Take it easy, one step at a time. Keep learning. Start a new hobby, enjoy nature, express yourself through art, music, photography. Take the time to enjoy every moment that is given to you. The rest will fall into place.

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