Feeling down? Learn what happiness is all about. It's not as hard to attain as you think

Happiness does not come in a huge package, ready to be unwrapped and swallowed whole. Too often, people have unrealistic expectations and think that the world owes them. Perhaps they are upset because something in their relationship isn’t perfect, they feel down because their career isn’t right, sad because they don’t feel good enough. But what so many fail to realize, is that happiness comes in small doses.

True happiness, comes from precious fleeting moments that pass by and disappear in an instance.

A smile, a hug, a kiss, a congratulatory remark, a phone call from an old friend. It might sound a bit silly to see it this way right off the bat but think about it for a second.

Our minds have the amazing capability of adapting to every situation that we are faced with, This is how we are able to function without getting overwhelmed by all the stimulus that is around us. If we would be aware of everything all the time, aware of the air coming in and out of our lungs, aware of our clothes touching our body, aware of the sounds that are constantly around us, we would go crazy. But because we can get used to things to the point of no longer being aware of it, we stay sane, This capability is our strength and weakness.

As much as we are able to adapt to the stimuli around us in order to function normally, we also adapt to the situations that we are in which can make us indifferent to amazing things.

A poor person might think to themselves: “How is it possible that this rich person is unhappy? They have a nice car, a nice house, they can send their kids to a good school and tend to their every need. They can buy whatever they wish to buy at the store, whenever they feel. My life isn’t like this…”

What the poor person doesn’t realize, is that money will not define a rich person’s true happiness.

The amount of stuff that you have, will never define your true happiness. Specifically because of this adaptability that the human race is blessed and cursed with. We get used to things. We get used to the sounds of our kids going crazy in the house until they grow old and move out. Then we miss them. we get used to living in a nice house, and might never bother putting ourselves in a poor person’s shoes without judging their household. We might get used to this amazing job that we have, that allows us to travel the world for instance, yet we complain about what a coworker is doing or saying. We are blessed with a job that gives us independence, the ability to feed ourselves and our family, give us a beautiful vacation and spoil ourselves occasionally. Yet this coworker is all we can think about at this particular point in time.

Happiness comes from within.

It’s a way of thinking.

It’s finding the joyful moments with the people that you care for and that care for you.

It’s being aware of your freedom,

it’s being aware of nature, the trees and the sky at night.

Happiness is moments.

Key moments in your life, that become happy memories that you share with friends over a drink, a card game or a dinner.

Happiness comes from doing something good.

Going out of your way to do something good. Getting out of your comfort zone, and challenging your mind. There is a difference between true happiness and unhealthy “fillers” such as addictions and satisfaction over feeling that we are above others. The truth is that no one is above anyone. We are all born the same way and will all die the same death. What happens in between is just circumstances. that is the only thing that divides us.

Happiness is love.

You will never fail if you use it as a mantra to guide you through life

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