Does having a dog make you more attractive?

This is a question for all dog owners out there.

Have you ever noticed the difference in the number of people that talk to you when you are walking a dog, vs when your dog is not with you?

It seems inevitable. You could walk up and down a busy street five times and no one will bat an eyelash. As soon as you bring a dog for that same walk, things drastically change. A random stranger will ask you questions such as: How old is the dog? What breed is it? How long have you had him for? A conversation then ensues. Could it be that a dog makes you more attractive? Makes you look friendly? Why is it so easy for people to strike up a conversation when an animal is present?

In Animal-assisted therapy, this phenomenon has a name.

It’s called the Triangular Synergy.

Imagine The dog handler, the dog and the stranger forming a triangle. You are connected to the dog, and the dog is connected to you. If someone pays attention to the dog, you immediately become relevant as you are connected. A dog will help break the ice and will remove any social barriers that might have been there in the first place.

If the people that you cross paths with love animals, then chances are that you will get a couple of smiles.

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