Are the kids always bored? Try some of these easy tips that will keep them busy and stimulated while they are stuck at home

As parents, we have all experienced rainy days (or snowy days? Typhoon days? Virus spreading around the world days?). It’s not always easy to keep kids happy, especially when they are exuding tons of energy and need an outlet to release it into. Never fear, there are many things that you can do to maintain your sanity as a caregiver.

Time to get artistic!

Pull out the paintbrushes and paint, shred some newspaper and make Papier-mâché, experiment with flour and make homemade playdough, cut out cardboard boxes and make a car. Teaching the kids to get creative will keep their brains active, entertained and will help them attain a sense of pride once the final art piece is finished. There are tons of resources online that you can look up and get creative with. Just go on google and type: what to do with a cardboard box, primary school and see what Google comes up with!

Make a music video

We live in an era where technology rules the world and teaching the kids how movies and videos are made can be very educational as well as a lot of fun. You can pull out a camera or your phone, turn some beats on and film the kids going crazy. Get a movie making program going on your computer or phone and show them how you assemble all the shots. Once the kids start understanding the concept of what you are doing, you can even get them to get creative and write a little script. The kids will love seeing the final product and will also learn a little about editing and how music videos and movies are made.

Build a tent/Fort

Kids are like ferrets. They are attracted to new, fluffy and shiny things. Any fun change you make to their room will bring on hours of fun. You can take a couple of blankets and help them build a fort. This will fire up their imaginations. You would be surprised at how many hours they can spend playing, pretending and creating an imaginary castle.

Don’t stop learning

Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean that learning stops. I find this to be one of the more common differences between kids that go to school and kids that are homeschooled. For example, in the summertime, when kids hit vacation time, it is a big party and everyone gets rid of all those books they are glad never to see again. What many don’t realize is that learning stuff is awesome, interesting and fun. There are tons of online programs that offer educational games, ideas for activities and printouts and motivating a kid to enjoy learning when not in school will be very beneficial for them and their future. is one I use quite often as a mom who homeschools her kids. It has online educational games as well as tons of print outs and ideas for activities. There are many more out there though so just pick one and start getting the kids to enjoy learning.

Invite them to help you cook

So many fun times can be spent in the kitchen. From making popcorn to baking muffins or a cake. Have the kids participate, mix up the ingredients and learn how to make various fun recipes. Allow the kids to get messy in the process . This is the stuff that makes fun childhood memories.

Exercise videos (on youtube or other platforms)

A good way for the kids to spend their energy while stuck at home is by running through some of the thousands of exercise videos that you can find online. From yoga to core strengthening to imagination exercise class, youtube has it all. If the kids have tons of energy, turn on a good work out and see how tired they are once it’s complete. Don’t forget to sip on your drink and sit back.

Movie Marathon

Hey, it doesn’t mean that because you are stuck home with the kids that you can’t have fun either! This is a perfect time to introduce the kids to some great classics like star wars or star trek. Get the popcorn going and have a movie marathon day. It will be fun!

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