6 reasons why video games are not as bad as everyone says they are

For the longest time, The negative aspects of video games have been clouding the front lines of information outlets. How many times did teachers scold parents for allowing their kids too much video game time? While certainly, it’s important to have a healthy balanced life, with enough outdoor time and healthy social interactions, making some time for video games can be beneficial for the mind and spirit.

Video games are here to stay, we mind as well embrace the positive aspects they provide.

Video games teach problem-solving

Each game has its own intensity and complexity. Players often have to strategize, analyze, troubleshoot and reason in order to get to the next level. This process stimulates different parts of the brain which leads to high-level thinking.

Video games develop fine motor skills

Gamers learn to develop precise hand and eye coordination. Researchers have found that those who play video games have better fine motor skills than non-gamers. Playing computer games may be a useful training tool to increase fine motor skills and movement coordination. This is an extremely useful skill for surgeons, physicians, Airline and Commercial Pilots.

Video games can help those who suffer from mental disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

Playing video games can develop positive structural brain changes and can therefore be beneficial in helping many people suffering from various conditions.

Video games are said to be able to help with anxiety, depression, antisocial personality disorder (APD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Alzheimer’s disease.

Video games help with self-awareness

Self-awareness is the road to emotional intelligence. When children (and grown-ups) play video games they learn to encourage others, to teach and share knowledge,( like when a parent wants to learn how to play). They learn from their mistakes and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Video games help those who lack social skills

When kids and adults play video games, they become part of a community. When a person has a difficult time making friends, online games can be a good outlet to socialize through. Not only does this give shy kids subjects to talk about together, but having high scores will even earn the respect of other kids. Video games help awkward kids fit in.

Video games teach kids to read and type

Playing video games involves a lot of reading as there are instructions, storylines, messages from other gamers, and so on. Children learning to read are motivated to practice under this setting and enjoy the process as well.

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