10 ways to save money this Christmas

With the holidays at our doorstep, there’s a lot of excitement all around. Nothing is more precious than those quality moments spent with family and friends. The sparkle in children’s eyes, the smile on grandma’s face and every loving moment makes this special holiday season a celebration to remember. But the holidays also come at a price, from your wallet. This can be hard on some families, yet doesn’t have to be.

You can have a fantastic Christmas celebration without going broke.

Here are 15 money-saving tips for the holidays.

Make your own Christmas decorations.

Other than purchasing the lights, you can gather many materials for free, and with a bit of paint and sparkle turn them into masterpieces. For example, you can gather pine cones, acorns, branches and even berries that are still on the trees. (Be careful not to expose those to animals or young children.) With a bit of paint and glue, you can assemble them in very creative ways to make table centerpieces, crowns, and Christmas tree ornaments.

Presents in mason jars

Presents in mason jars can be extremely creative, they look beautiful and are fun to make. You can fill them with soap bubbles, homemade jams, candy, and many other creative items.

Plants in a pretty pot

Plants and flowers are always a beautiful present to give. They liven up any room, they look nice and are a good present for anyone. You can decorate your pot by painting it or adding your special artistic touch.


Books are also a fun affordable item to give as a present. Book stores often have sections where the books are on special and on sale. There are often very nice books in those sections that are worth a read and they are never out of style.

Picture in a frame

If you have a good camera or a phone that takes a good picture, choose a nice picture of your loved one, enlarge and print it at a local store that offers this service. You can make your frame or purchase one and voila! Nothing is more precious than a special moment captured in time. It is priceless.

Choose ingredients wisely

Use in-season ingredients to prepare the holiday meal. November and December in-season items may include cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, and pumpkins.

Make it a potluck.

If everyone brings a little something, the costs will be slashed to at least half. Someone can be in charge of the drinks, someone else of a desert, salad, bread and so on. It is fun to share and it may even bring people closer together at the table.

Food presentation

The food presentation can elevate even the simplest foods like salads or soup. Spend a little time on plate arrangement and table decorating. You will be amazed at how pretty a bowl of mashed potatoes can look when presented with gusto!

Send E-cards

You can save money by sending holiday wishes digitally instead of buying cards and sending them by mail. We live in a digital world and an E-card can say happy holidays just as beautifully as a letter sent by the post office.

Celebrate at home.

Instead of opting to go to the bar for a drink with friends and coworkers, offer to host at your place. It’s a lot cheaper to buy drinks at the local alcohol store than to pay per glass at the bar or restaurant.

It’s important to remember that the true meaning of the holidays is to enjoy some quality time with the people that we love. It is not, how much you spend, but the gestures that matter more. Remember that doing a good deed will bring many smiles to people’s faces. Happy holidays!

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